Salvatore Fanali

National Council of Research, Area della Ricerca di Roma, Italy
Lecture Title: 
“An overview on nano-Liquid Chromatography: main features and recent applications to the analysis of nutraceutical compounds”

Dr. Salvatore Fanali (PhD) is an Associate Senior Researcher at the Institute of Chemical Methodologies, CNR in Monterotondo, Italy. His research is focused on development of miniaturized techniques, e.g., nano-LC, capillary zone electrophoresis also coupled with MS. Studies on enantiomers separations, new stationary phases are carried out. Methods are applied to pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food, environmental, forensic analysis. He is author or co-author of more than 300 publications in Journal (SCI), (Hindex, scopus=47). He received awards, e.g., Bratislava University, University of Verona, Liberti Medal in Analytical Chemistry (Italian Chemical Society, 2009) and “G.Nota” for his contributions in capillary chromatography (2014). He is Editor of Journal of Chromatography A (Elsevier).