Maria Deli

Biological Research Centre of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary
Lecture Title: 
“Targeted nanoparticles for brain delivery of drugs”

Prof. Deli is the head of the Biological Barriers Research Group at BRC. She has been actively working in the field of biological barriers for over 30 years. The focus of her research is the blood-brain barrier, its role in pathologies and drug delivery to brain to treat neurological diseases with targeted nanoparticles. She pioneered novel complex culture models for the investigation of cellular interactions at the blood-brain barrier and to test protective molecules and drug permeability, patented with Japanese partners in 2007. Further development of the model with the Biomolecular Electronics research group of BRC led to a patent for a microelectronic/microfluidic device for culture models of biological barriers and a publication ( She is honorary professor at the University of Szeged. Her decorations include Young Investigator Award and János Bolyai Research Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, distinguished research award of TEVA Pharmaceutical Inc., Straub plaquette for scientific achievement of BRC. Supervised 9 BSc, 11 MSc and 9 PhD dissertations. Publications: 153, citations: > 7900, H-index: 44.