Francesco Cimino

Università degli Studi di Messina, Italy
Lecture Title: 
"Potential mechanisms underlying the protective effects of anthocyanins in metabolic syndrome and related disorders"

Prof. Cimino is associate professor of Pharmacology at the University of Messina, Italy.
He started his career at the University of Messina where he received his PhD in Toxicology in 2003 and undertook postdoctoral research at the same university in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Division, Dept. Farmaco‐Biologico. He spent two years at Agricultural Research Council Food and Nutrition Research Centre, performing research in nutrigenomic field exploring the effects related to gene-nutrient interactions.
Most of his career has been spent unraveling the contributions of the hormetic responses modulated by natural compounds. His research area focuses on dietary regulation of gene expression and emphasizes the identification of adaptive cellular mechanisms and the application of interdisciplinary approaches to examine their roles in metabolic syndrome disease for realizing possible dietary/pharmacological interventions finalized to health improvement and disease prevention in humans.
He is author of more than 80 papers in international journals (h-index 25), 4 chapter books and he is member of editorial board of Gene & Nutrition journal.