Ayca Yıldız-Peköz

Istanbul University, Turkey
Lecture Title: 
“Novel Drug Targeting for Localized-direct Treatment of Lung Diseases”

Dr. Ayca Yildiz-Pekoz is a reader in the department of Pharmaceutical Technology at the Istanbul University, Turkey.
She has obtained, in 2006, her co-accredited Doctoral Degree from Istanbul University and the University of Cardiff of UK, where she has worked in the lab of Professor Mark Gumbleton. She belongs to the first cohort of EU’s prestigious Marie Curie Scholarship in EuroPhD program. She focuses on nasal and pulmonary drug targeting, micro/nano carrier systems as localized therapies, pharmaceutical applications of cell culture studies, Vitamin C transport mechanisms via/into lung, and buccal delivery technologies. She holds 7 patents, 6 of which are COVID-19 related.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Yildiz-Pekoz had focused on a novel patented therapy, whereby she has initiated a new pulmonary drug targeting method accompanied with a specially designed device that facilitates a localized high-efficiency therapy for COVID-19 patients.
Dr. Ayca Yildiz-Pekoz has 10 years of experience in the regulatory bodies and in private consulting. Dr. Yildiz-Pekoz is a member of the Aerosol Society, of the local chapter of the Controlled Release Society as well as Pharmaceutical Researchers Society of Turkey. She is the Founding President of the Pulmonary Drug Delivery Researchers’ Association, a new and growing network of pulmonary scientists across European universities. She is the co-director of the yearly Pulmonary Drug Delivery Workshop series, the second largest conference of its kind in Europe.
Dr. Yildiz-Pekoz welcomes private firms’ consulting inquiries and doctoral students in areas of pulmonary drug targeting and novel delivery technologies.

Her speech at the ISOPS 2021 is entitled as “Novel Drug Targeting for Localized-direct Treatment of Lung Diseases”.