Alessandra Gentili

La Sapienza University, Italy
Lecture Title: 
“Micronutrient profiling in food and biological samples: strategies for targeted and untargeted analysis of vitamins and carotenoids”

Alessandra Gentili is an Associate professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Rome La Sapienza, where she received her Master’s degree, Magna cum Laude, in Industrial Chemistry and her PhD degree in Chemical Sciences. Her scientific activity essentially concerns the development of novel analytical methodologies for solving problems in different areas of Chemistry, namely Clinical, Food and Environmental Chemistry. Her research relies on the use of advanced extraction techniques and multihyphenated techniques to perform screening and confirmation analyses. Special interest has been focused on the profiling of organic micronutrients in foods and biological fluids. The results of her work have been published over 79 publications, including 70 peer-reviewed journal articles, cited over 2486 times, and 9 chapters/monographs on international books. She is included in the Editorial Board of Current Analytical Chemistry.